Commissioned by Stockport M.B.C. – 2005

Ceramic tile triptych
each panel 2M wide x 2.7M high

Scartworks has produced this large scale work for a new community centre in Brinnington, Stockport.
Local people wanted a piece of public art which represented the diversity of the community, and their hope for its future. The butterfly motif reflects the rebirth of the area which was undergoing a multi million pound regeneration project.

Each of the three panels is comprised of 300 handmade ceramic tiles with every tile featuring an impressed photographic image of a local person. It was exhibited in Stockport Art Gallery prior to being fitted at First House in Brinnington.

A special imprinting process, developed by Scartworks enabled the transfer of photographic quality images onto a glazed ceramic surface. Unlike traditional ceramic transfer techniques, this new process offers a tactile and intriguing surface.